Discover Beirut

Local Guide to Beirut

50 things to do during your stay in Beirut. Enjoy fine dinning, eclectic nightlife, rich culture and more. Stay tuned for more updates!

Cool Neighborhoods


Often referred to as the soul of Beirut, Gemayzeh is full of old architecture and small alleyways with hidden gems. The area is a hub for culture and nightlife and is not to be missed.


Downtown is Beirut’s chic and sophisticated neighborhood, hosting fine dining, high-end boutiques, and refined restaurants against a backdrop of Roman ruins.

Mar Mikhael

Beirut’s Mar Mikhael district is an industrial area transformed into a hipster central. Here you’ll find all the trendiest cafes, bars, and restaurants that are sure to satisfy all tastes.

Ashrafieh & Sursock

Achrafieh and Sursock boast a wide range of things to explore, from small family-owned corner shops, mid-century furniture stores, to fine dinning and contemporary art.

BDL Museum

BDL Museum takes the visitor back in time to discover the richness of all the currencies that were used in Lebanon from the 5th century B.C. till now. Bronze, Silver, gold, paper .. every banknote .. every coin tells a story! Alongside the historical collections, hi-tech multi-touch tables, interactive games and hands-on activities make learning fun while surrounded by Money of the world!