Why Beirut?

One of the World’s Best Cities

“Beirut. The food’s delicious, the people are awesome. It’s a party town… Hopefully, you will come back smarter about the world. You’ll understand a little more about how uninformed people are when they talk about that part of the world. You’ll come back as I did: changed and cautiously hopeful and confused in the best possible way. Travel at its best defies expectations… That’s part of the thing that makes Beirut so interesting.“

-Anthony Bourdain (CNN Host and World Renowned Chef)

What past speakers had to say

Beirut is rapidly shaping up to be a powerhouse for startups in the Middle East.

-Mike Butcher
London, Editor at Large at TechCrunch

Beirut is (without a doubt) the best city in the Middle East.

-Mario Berta
Manila, SEA Managing Director at Rocket Internet

Can’t get over the beauty of south Lebanon.

-Mark Haidar
Dallas, Founder and CEO of VInli

Beyond the legendary hospitality, food, beyond the character of people that I can’t help falling in love with… Beirut shows me a culture of hope.

-Paul Papadimitriou
London, Founder of Intelligencr

Awesome time in Lebanon.

-Loic Le Meur
San Francisco, Co-Founder of LeWeb

I’m moving to Lebanon!

-Sanjay Sabnani
San Francisco, Founder and CEO at CrowdGather

Why Beirut?

“If you’re looking for the real East-meets-West so talked about in the Middle East, you need look no further than Beirut. …Blessed with magnificent mountain vistas, majestic ancient ruins and a people who are resilient, indomitable and renowned for their hospitality, Lebanon rewards the traveller with food for thought and a feast for the senses and the stomach.”

-Lonely Planet