Dr. Loubna Bouarfa

Loubna Bouarfa is a machine learning expert based in Cambridge/UK, where she recently founded OKRA.

In her academic career Loubna implemented numerous machine learning solutions for different healthcare applications, such as surgical workflow monitoring, chronic patient activity and emotion tracking and adaptive hospital unit planning. She lives and breathes machine learning and aims to further use machine learning to tackle challenging healthcare problems.
She has presented at multiple international conferences and her work has previously featured by the IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering society.

After obtaining her PhD Loubna worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Imperial College, a Fintech startup and consulted for a number of Pharmaceutical companies. Loubna founded OKRA to -through the use of machine learning- revolutionise the way evidence is generated from real-world healthcare data and provide the healthcare industry with a robust and agile platform for outcome analysis and prediction. We see pay-for-value programs, soaring chronic disease numbers and regulators who become more risk-averse as key drivers for clients to adopt OKRA. OKRA enables the healthcare system to be increasingly responsive to these challenges by providing real world evidence in real-time.