Maido Parv

I’m one of the old-school designers – I released my first website in 1997, when the internet was still young and booming. Because I was always good with pen and paper, I fell immediately in love with computers and digital drawings. Since then I’ve been a freelance designer for most of my life and I’ve practiced all the major design disciplines on the market.

I have a degree in computer hardware and network infrastructure, which also means that I have very strong knowledge of front-end and back-end development. But still I decided to kick-start my professional career as a art director in one of the most respected advertising agencies in Estonia. After four years in Leo Express (Leo Burnett Group), I fell in love with user interfaces and continued to grow my UI/UX skills in a more corporate environment, as a lead designer in Swedbank – one of the biggest banks in Northern Europe. User interfaces and experience design are my biggest passion now, and once I felt confident enough in designing for hundreds of thousands of users, I needed even bigger challenges. In year 2012, I joined the awesome design team of Skype, and currently work there as a visual designer.

Today, I spend most of my free time with my lovely wife and two children.
I’m also a mentor, and help local startups in their design matters.