Omar Habib

Starting off in marketing, communications and CRM with leading agencies (RMG Connect, JWT, Interesting Times…) and global and regional clients spanning fortune 500 companies, tech leaders, governments, educational institutions and corporations from the Persian Gulf to London, New York and Paris, Omar has set course to make a difference in Lebanon and the region using what he has acquired from passion, knowledge and experience.

With the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem booming in lebanon, he took lead in supporting pioneering institutions and startups alike at a strategic and marketing level, helping expand established and new institutions and entrepreneurs into the “digital” sphere – something he has done for the past 15 years.

Today he is helping develop the latest incubator and accelerator entity in Lebanon, Smart ESA.

Omar graduated from the American University of Beirut with a BBA and from Emerson College in Boston with a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications. He is passionate about using creativity, structure and clear processes to boost people’s and institutions’ potential to new heights. His favourite thing to do is to develop an identity (corporate or otherwise) and bring it to life. At 35 he is an avid and real comic book fan, preaching the crucial attributes of imagination and vision. His entrepreneurial spirit expands into volunteering his time with the civil society, specifically in helping youth.